falling for fallingwater

Fallingwater, by Frank Lloyd Wright (1939) [Photo by +DW+]Most fans of modern trail-blazing architect Frank Lloyd Wright would be aware of his masterpiece Fallingwater, in Pennsylvania. It was completed in 1939, and continues to draw thousands of visitors to its unique site every year.

Architect and historian Kenneth Frampton writes that Fallinwater’s,

fusion with the landscape is total, for…nature permeates the structure at every turn…the fit of the building with its site is an essential, if not, the essential dimension of the work.

For those who’ve been fortunate enough to have wandered through the physical spaces of any of Wright’s designs, it is more than a visual experience as spaces and surfaces interact in a way that compresses and frees, opens up vistas and carefully frames our views of interiors and landscapes beyond. These qualities until now have been difficult to transmit to viewers in other parts of the world.

The wonders of 3D immersive graphics and online sharing help capture more than a glimpse of modern architecture in a way that can be shared by all. Cristobal Vila’s 3D modelling of Fallingwater is a treat, beautifully capturing this masterpiece through a construction of elements and taking the online viewer through some of the residence’s most unique spaces and its arresting site. Be sure to experience this short and inspiring video (approx 4 mins) of one of the world’s most beautiful dwellings ever built ♦

[image sourced and attributed from Flickr Commons. Frampton cited in Carlson, A. (2000) Aesthetics and the Environment. London: Routledge]