• 1111 logo creates place identity Photo by miamismpaved paradise Discover a modern parking garage so desirable, its owner chose to live there! Herzog and de Mueron’s design for 11 11 shows the potential for rethinking our urban fabric.
  • eames: the architect and the painter Together, Ray and Charles Eames epitomized a new postwar style: the successful career couple, the creators of a modern design philsophy. Narrated by actor James Franco, new documentary Eames: The Architect and the Painter presents their inspiring story.
  • thinking BIG: bjarke ingels 

    West 57th St Residential Tower, NYC [Bjarke Ingels Group

    A waste-treatment plant with a roof you can ski down? Danish architect Bjarke Ingels’ BIG thinking adds scope to designing for sustainability.
  • a towering decision A skyscraper design that rises to ‘The Cloud’. A press eager to bring it to tragedy. MDRDV’s new project in South Korea, presents a powerful vision of modernity.
  • Calgary Peace Bridge, by Santiago Calatrava [detail]calatrava shows his colours Santiago Calatrava’s Peace Bridge (Calgary, Canada) will mark a colourful departure from the architect-engineer’s creative body of work.
  • Bosco Verticale 'Vertical Forest Artist Render [Photo from Stefano Boeri Architectta]in milan, a vertical forest grows: stefano boeri ‘Bosco Verticale’, a revolutionary skyscraper project by architect Stefano Boeri, seeks to turn two apartment towers to vertical forests.
  • 6085179528_13c49e48ea_zfalling for fallingwater Frank Lloyd Wright’s 1939 masterpiece now experienced in stunning computer animation.
  • bridging a chord: calatrava in jerusalem Santiago Calatrava’s ‘Chords Bridge’ , Jerusalem, is now operational, but its daring design attracted intense controversy.
  • building a masterpiece: calatrava in milwaukee The Milwaukee Art Museum (MAM) is celebrating the 10 year anniversary of its famous Quadracci Pavilion, by architect Santiago Calatrava, with an exhibition of the building’s design creation.

    Quadracci Pavilion, Milwaukee Art Museum, by Santiago Calatrava (Photo by mjuzenas)

  • buildings that wave to us? Santiago Caltrava is the innovator behind movement as a function of his buildings.
  • introducing calatrava Three design strategies behind the work of architect Santiago Calatrava

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